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AmicusX National Essay Competition

Welcome to the third edition.

We understand that the legal field can be competitive and challenging, and that's why we're dedicated to helping students inculcate their legal acumen beyond the traditional wisdom. We intend to foster legal creativity among the students, which help us come up with an unique blend of simple, yet challenging topics that involve law, as well as the larger landscape in which the law operates. 

Important Details


Registration starts

November 30, 2023

Registration ends

December 15, 2023


Registration fee

Rs. 500/- (Single author essays),

Rs. 700/- (Co-authored essays)


Submissions start

December 1, 2023

Submissions end

December 31, 2023


First Prize

Rs. 5,000/-

Second Prize

Rs. 3,000/-

Participation certificates for all.

Broad Themes 

  • Law & Climate Change

  • Constitutional Law

  • Insolvency Law

  • Arbitration Law

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Suggested Topics

While the Participants have the liberty to choose any topic from the above specified broad themes, additionally, we are suggesting the following topics, should anyone wish to write on them:

  • Role of law in sustainable business practices: The law and its application

  • Role of law in curbing climate change in India

  • Same-sex marriage judgment of the Supreme Court of India (Supriyo @ Supriya Chakraborty & Anr. v. Union of India)

  • The law of stamping Arbitration Agreements in India

  • Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

  • The Basic Structure Doctrine

  • Reforms in India's Criminal Code

Formatting Guidelines

  • Font Type: Times New Roman

  • Font Size: 16 (Heading), 14 (Sub-Heading), 12 (Body), 10 (Footnotes)

  • Line Spacing: 1.5

  • Page Margin: Default (2.54 cm on all sides)

  • Headings should be in upper case, bold and underlined.

  • Sub-Headings should be in bold. 

  • Every page must have a page number at the bottom, centre position. 

  • Pages must not have borders.

Submitting Guidelines

  • All submissions are to be made in .docx format.

  • All registrations are to be routed through the form, accessible at Registration Portal. 

  • Payment of registration fee must be through UPI - aritradeb63-1@okhdfcbank

  • Once participants have registered for the event, the submission link would be shared with the registered email IDs.

  • Submissions made through E-mail will not be accepted.

  • References are compulsory. Any statistical data, fact or any other informative text when being used, need to have references to it in the form of footnotes/bibliography/webliography. References should be authentic in order to be reliable.

  • For the sake of anonymity, participants are advised not to mention their name or their institute’s name anywhere in the body of the essay. The .docx file should be named as “(NAME OF ESSAY)”. 

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