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AUGUST 15, 2020

About the Journal

The main aim of this blindfold, peer- reviewed journal is to promote awareness about the contemporary legal issues through the choicest writings which are backed by objective authenticity. This journal is the platform where people can show their analytical skills and share their knowledge with the rest of the world. The qualified Editorial Board of AX-JCLI ascertains that only the most novel ideas find their way to this online journal.

Finally, all those unpublished research projects, full articles, and your case commentaries have a destination now!


Eligibility: Any student of any registered UG / PG Course, lawyer, practicing professional and academicians.

Theme: Your submission can be based on any contemporary legal issue. 

Word Limit:

  1. Articles: 3500 – 6000 (excluding footnotes)

  2. Case Comments: 3500 – 5000 (excluding footnotes)

  3. Essays: 2000 – 3000 (excluding footnotes)


Formatting Guidelines:

Font- Times New Roman

Size- 16 (Heading)

14 (Sub-Heading)

12 (Body)

10 (Foot Notes)

Margin- 2.54cm on all sides

Line Spacing


Citation Style

20th Edition, Harvard Bluebook Citation Style


General Guidelines:

  1. Co-authorship is allowed to a maximum of 2 authors.

  2. References are compulsory. Any statistical data, fact or any other informative text when being used, need to have references to it in the form of footnotes/bibliography/webliography. References should be authentic in order to be reliable.

  3. Submissions that are plagiarised to a level of more than 20% will not be accepted.

  4. Only those submissions which are made through this Google Form will be considered. Submissions made through any other medium will not be considered.


Publication Guidelines:

  1. After the submission is received through the said google form, the same will be forwarded to the Editorial Board.

  2. If the submission qualifies for publication, the respective author(s) will be intimated of the same. On such intimation, the author(s) shall be required to pay a publication fee as follow:

  • Publication fee for single author submissions: Rs. 500.00

  • Publication fee for co-authored submissions: Rs. 600.00

  • Publication fee is required to be paid only when the submission qualifies for submission. No fee will be charged for mere submission.


Author(s) of best Submission: Rs. 2000/- + Certificate of Merit + Certificate of Publication

Authors of published submissions: Certificate of Publication

All certificates will be soft copies.

There awaits an exciting offer that shall be awarded to all those authors whose submissions get published on our Journal.


Payment of Publication Fees:

  1. Publication fees is required to be paid only when the submission qualifies for publication.

  2. Publication shall be done only when the Publication Fees is paid.

  3. Publication fee for:

    • Single Author: Rs. 500.00/-

    • Co-Author: Rs. 600.00/-

  4. Mode of payment:

    1. UPI Address.: aritradeb63@oksbi

    2. Bank Account Details:

A/C No: 216310100021587

Bank Name: Andhra Bank

Branch: Mamidipalle

IFSC: ANDB0002163

**PayTM Wallet money will not be accepted.**


Contact Details:

For any query, e-mail us at: Stay updated! Follow us on Facebook Handle and Instagram Handle.

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