CAA: Protection of Persecuted Minorities

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, was introduced so as to amend certain provisions of Indian Citizenship Act 1955, with respect to minorities (including Hindu, Jews, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi) of our neighbouring states such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who are victims of religious apartheid and persecution. Non- Muslims of Islamic states such as our neighbours Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been continuous sufferer of conversion through coercion, torture, humiliation, rape, constriction from practicing their religious faith etc. The plight of non- Muslims in the Islamic states such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is not concealed from the world as Bangladesh’s census carried out in 2011 revealed that the share of non-Muslim has gone below 10 percent of the country’s overall population as in 2011, non-Muslims comprised 9.60% per-cent of the Bangladesh’s population. Thus, in-between 1951 and 2011, the population of non-Muslim shrunk from a high of 23.20 percent to a low 9.40 percent