Rights of Indigenous and Tribal People

Updated: Mar 9, 2020


Tribal as well as indigenous inhabitants exist throughout the Indian Territory. Earlier, the indigenous inhabitants were considered as fearful, archaic, disadvantaged, wrecked, cruel and backward classes. They become prey not only of abuse of Human Rights but are also subjected to injustice and hatred. In India, in almost 30 states as well as Union Territories there are almost 705 groups that are regarded as ethnic as they are called Scheduled Tribes. These Schedule Tribes are called indigenous inhabitants[1]. But, one point to be noted is that in India apart from these 705 ethnic groups there are more groups which are entitled to the position of Scheduled Tribes but they are not formally identified[2].

In the Indian Constitution, there are Fifth and Sixth Schedule which identify rights to land as the main right of indigenous inhabitants. About indigenous inhabitants, the Government of India sanctioned UNDRIPS